Barangay Poblacion West

Barangay Poblacion West is one of the four Barangay situated in the Poblacion of Oton, Iloilo. At present it has a population of 4, 050 comprising of 700 households.
Source of income of the constituents came from sari-sari store, hat and bag making, bakery and bakeshops, candy making, automotive repair shops, and transport services (tricycles and trisikads).
Many constituents are employed in government and private agencies based in the City and Province of Iloilo.
Most of the children are enrolled in the public elementary and high schools, while many are studying in the secretarian schools in the Poblacion and in Iloilo City Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, that only few drop-outs or out of school youths.
The Barangay Poblacion West reopened the Day Care Center wherein children coming from Poblacion West are enrolled. The Barangay Hall building is found at the center of the Barangay and it is accessible to all constituents of the Barangay.
Barangay Officials believe that the community has at least able to address important component needs to realize its goals and objectives.


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