Apple Event 10/4 Tim Cook iPhonesAt Goldman Sachs’ investor conference on Tuesday, Apple (s AAPL) CEO Tim Cook gave some rare color on how he views not only his own job as Steve Jobs’ successor but also his views on the company’s $98 billion cash pile. While he did not make investors’ day by announcing a dividend, he did offer them more insight on his priorities and style of leadership. In short, he is not planning on changing the company, but he also doesn’t plan on looking backward.

Cook did talk at great length about his view of the potential growth opportunities for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. But just as important for investors who want a clue as to where the company is going in Steve Jobs’ absence, Cook also opened up a bit on how he plans to make his own mark on Apple. He is very obviously not Steve Jobs

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Cold Day At The Zoo

Red Stripe Photography

Home sweet home. I’ve just made it back to Houston after two weeks in Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburgh was a great city to visit and I really enjoyed my time there.  But it’s way too cold for me!  I think I prefer the mild winters Houston gets instead. Waking up to 18 degree weather and then scraping off ice on your windshield every morning is definitely something I could live without.  Although I hear the summers are pretty mild in Pittsburgh, I think I’ll stick to my Houston heat, no pun intended.
For the two weekends I was there, the first weekend was pretty much a bust since we had to work most of that weekend. For the second weekend however my fiancé was able to fly up there to visit me.  While she was here with me in Pittsburgh for the weekend, we pushed in an entire weekend of Pittsburgh…

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Why Evolution Is True

If this lovely underwater video—”Dakuwaga’s Garden,” filmed in Fiji and Tonga—doesn’t make you relax, you’ve had too much coffee.

Although I’m not a strong swimmer, I love snorkeling and floating amidst schools of colorful tropical fish.  I’d love to scuba dive but haven’t. This film makes me want to even more.

As a bonus, the video tells you what species appear (click “CC” if you can’t see them), though as a biologist I regret that they don’t give the Latin binomials.  Enjoy, and do enlarge to full screen for maximum fun.

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Barangay Poblacion West

Barangay Poblacion West is one of the four Barangay situated in the Poblacion of Oton, Iloilo. At present it has a population of 4, 050 comprising of 700 households.
Source of income of the constituents came from sari-sari store, hat and bag making, bakery and bakeshops, candy making, automotive repair shops, and transport services (tricycles and trisikads).
Many constituents are employed in government and private agencies based in the City and Province of Iloilo.
Most of the children are enrolled in the public elementary and high schools, while many are studying in the secretarian schools in the Poblacion and in Iloilo City Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, that only few drop-outs or out of school youths.
The Barangay Poblacion West reopened the Day Care Center wherein children coming from Poblacion West are enrolled. The Barangay Hall building is found at the center of the Barangay and it is accessible to all constituents of the Barangay.
Barangay Officials believe that the community has at least able to address important component needs to realize its goals and objectives.